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Auckland Roof Repair

As one of Auckland’s leading roof repair specialists, we provide the complete range of solutions for all your roofing needs. We are able to provide guaranteed solutions to ensure all roofing needs are met from roof recoating, roof renovation and complete roof replacement.

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Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance

As with most things, regular maintenance and care is cheaper than fixing a problem when it arises. With our roof maintenance services, we give your roof a full check up, take photos of any areas where you could potentially have future problems and show you what we can do to prevent these issues becoming major problems in the future.

Auckland Roof Replacement

We understand that replacing a roof (or sections of a roof) can be expensive and stressful, so we only recommend this as a last resort if we feel that repairs will not offer a long-term solution. As with all the work we do, we will first create a clear, no-obligation quote with clearly itemised costings and stick to that quoted price, meaning no nasty surprises when the job is done.
Auckland Roof replacement
Auckland Leak Repairs

Auckland Leak Repairs

Sudden leaks can happen at any time, and in order to limit the damage done to the rest of your roof and your property, it’s important to remedy leaks as soon as possible. Call us now for our emergency leak repair service – we will get to you as soon as possible and stop the leak (even if it is just a temporary solution until permanent remedial work can be arranged).